Rising Stars Jury 2019

Kattleen Jamima

Brazil & Japan



Mina Saleh 

Iran & Japan 

Jee Hyun Kee


Wendy Chiu






Emily Diamond



Rising Stars Competition 2019

This year at Rising Stars Competition 2019, we will receive a world Stars.

Our Stars is Kattleen Jamima from Brazil,  Jee Hyun Kee From Korea,  Wendy Chiu From Taiwan,  Amira from Russia,   Amal From Japan,  Mina Saleh from Iran,  Lotus From Japan,  Emily Diamond From Japan and more...

 We will hold a Rising Stars competition & Show!


Save the Date, Saturday November 16th, Competition and Show!


The place is: Japan, Yamanashi Prefecture  

Koshu City Cultural Center in Yamanashi Prefecture (1.4 km from Shiroyama station on Chuo Line) Japan.

Place in Japanese: 甲州市民文化会館 〒405-0045 山梨県甲州市塩山上塩後2407 

November 16 (Saturday) start from 11:00 Rising Stars competition 2019.  



Competition Category

A- Category Solo or Duo, Oriental Style 






B- Solo or Duo, Fusion, Ex:(Bollywood, Tribal, or any other style).




C- Category Group (start with 3 persons or more).

All Style: Oriental, Fusion, Folklore.




Time for a performer at the competition is 4 minutes (no more).

* For category until 15 persons, When we reach the 15 persons at the category, the entries in this category will be closed and we will inform you all! 


The application will be completed at the time of confirming the transfer to the bank.


Participation fee group division · · · 5,000 yen per person (Start from 3 people or more)


 Solo or Duo division · · · 8,000 yen (1 person)



Solo or Duo・・・¥8.000 per person

Group (3 Persons)・・・¥5.000 per person 


* For watch Competition & Showcase ¥2.000


* Result announcement and recognition (Winners) will be after the Gala show on the 16th of November.


* Competition entry finish in October 20th.


November 16th.

Rising Stars special guests invite you to come and enjoy with us, in Yamanashi Japan!




Rising Stars Show Start 17:30 ~ 2019.11.16 Saturday



Everyone is invited to come and enjoy with us at Rising Stars 2019 with a great & Special guests from Brazil, Russia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and much more … 


Rising Stars Package 


Competition Fee + Gala Show Ticket ¥1.000 off

Showcase Fee + Gala Show Ticket ¥1.000 off


Competition Solo Fee ¥8.000   Group per person ¥5.000


Competition and Showcase ticket ¥2.000


Gala Show Ticket ¥5.000




Please fill out the form, we will email you the account bank details.

*Location Guide

Place : Koshu City Citizens' Culture Center

   1.4 km from JR Shioyama Station South Exit

   (15 minutes on walking )


If you come by train

    Shinjuku station ← (limited express 1 hour 23 minutes) → Shioyama station ← (limited express 15 minutes ordinary 20 minutes) → Kofu station

If you come by car

   Central Expressway Katsunuma I.C

  From Otsuki · Tokyo / Yamato direction exit

  Kashiwa via the isoe force: 7.9 km (15 minutes)


In Isawa Onsen Station  (2 stops from Shioyama station) you can stay in the hotel , or close Kofu station also have many business hotels .


· Kur & Hotel Ishiba Health Land http://www.kur-hotel.co.jp/isawa/

· Isawa Onsen Hotel Spa Land Naito http: / www.hotel-naito.com/spaland/

At Spa Land we have shuttle bus between Isawa-Onsen Station etc.

And a lot of baths and Onsen , this is amazing place .


Its good time to come Yamanashi , close we have producing area of ​​grapes !

There are lot of vineyards and wineries!

October is a good time to get grapes at the tree .


Koshu City Tourist Information 🎵 http://www.koshu-kankou.jp


Yamanashi Prefecture Tourist Information 🎵 http://www.yamanashi-kankou.jp/map/index.html

今年も(2017)@山梨県で Rising Stars Competition


Reservation to Competition, WorkShop & Show, please write here!


Tel : 090-5325-3703 

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