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Kaat Jamìs born in Brazil, lived and studied 8 years in Pakistan and currently in Japan.   

In 1995 started bollywood dance, in 2000 had her first contact with the Belly Dance and she immediately fell in love with this dance form.  Her essence of ballerina encouraged her to study other styles of dance like Gafieira, Modern Forro, Bolero and Ballet.   

Since 2000 she is devoted to prioritize the art of belly dance.

Her studies and dedication to dance remain constant in order to quality for oriental dance.    

Kaat Jamìs also travels every year to Egypt to study.   

She is a  professional belly dancer and teacher focusing on Egyptian classic and folkloric styles.   

She is characterized by a constant search for creative solutions to help her students to reflect about the dance.   

She teaches all levels with great technique, students are taught about the different musical rhythms of Arabic music and are encouraged to improvise and find your own style.  

Kaat Jamìs works professionally as a dancer and teacher since 2005.   

She had as teachers major international names including: Madam Raqia Hassan, Dina Talaat, Soraia Zaied, Azza Sharif, Dr.Mo Geddawi, Shalabi, Hamada Hossam, Nelly Foad, Katia Eshta, Nabil Mabrouk, Tamer Yehia, Hoda Ibrahim, Amany M.Farouk, Dooa Salam, Raggae Hussein, Magda & Atef, Souhair Nemesis, Mohamed Salah, Yasmina and from Brasil Crys Franchi.    

Since 2011 she participates in the intensive course for teachers at the festival Ahlan Wa Sahlan, and she is a certified instructor by Madam Raqia Hassan. Kaat Jamìs now is part of the selected group of teachers of the Festival Ahlan Wa Sahlan, the biggest and most important Belly Dance Festival in the world.  

Kaat Jamìs won the first place of Ahlan wa Sahlan Winter Teachers Course Festival 2013.  Currently owner and teacher at school "Tahia Shasta Dance Studio" located in Yamanashi  Japan, where she teaches belly dancing in its essence, with technique, grace, softness and emotion, Kaat Jamìs performs at shows and teaches workshops throughout Japan and abroad.  "For the art of dance, is not to demonstrate steps or choreography, but first of all is to transmit emotion without abandoning the technique.         

I love the art of Raqs Sharqi (the correct Arabic term for "belly dance") and hope to share with my audience and my students this fabulous dance and what it has to offer."

Kattleen Jamima

2020 Workshop

with Super Stars

All the workshop was recorded by Zoom.

Soraia .jpg

Soraia Zaied

10/07/2020 Vol.01

Hi Everyone I'm Soraia Zaied I'm from Egypt and Brazil.

Let's learn about Egyptian Roots, Oriental dance, Choreography, Technique & Theory. 

This workshop is for any levels.

You also can send me your dance, I will give to you a Feedback.

Feel free for asking me anything. 

Enjoy with us.

From: $70



Ghazwan Elmousa

26/07/2020 Vol.02

Im from Lebanon and Syria and now living in Brazil.

In this Workshop I will teach the about Musicality, how to the rhythm and more...

 I recommend it to all bellydancers 😉 increase your dance with us.

(This workshop is recoded from zoom).

For buy this workshop send us a message Email: 

Click on the button BUY NOW.

From: $55


Warda .jpg

Warda Maravilha

23/08/2020 Vol.03

Hello Everyone I'm Warda from Brazil but i lived for 22 years in the Emirates Arab.

I learn a lot about the culture and worked there dancing Khaleege and Bellydance, in this workshop we will learn about Technique Theory, How to move your body, History and more...

Feel free to asking me anything.

From: $55


Warda .jpg

Warda Maravilha

06/09/2020 Vol.04

Hello Everyone I'm Warda Maravilha from Brazil.

In this workshop we will learn one Choreography from my  Khallege dance, Hope all of you enjoy with me.

Feel free to asking me anything.

For buy thus workshop please click on the Buy Now button.

From: $55


Workshop Soraia 1.jpg

Soraia Zaied

2020 Vol.05

Hi Everyone I'm Soraia Zaied from Egypt and Brazil.

Let's learn drum solo, Technique & Theory. 

This workshop is for any levels.

Send me your performance I will give to you a Feedback.

Feel free for asking me anything. 

Enjoy with us.

For buying the workshop click on Buy Now.

from $65 

$55 ¥6,000

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2020 Vol.06












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